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Download your tracking sheets by clicking the icons below or visit the library to pickup your copy!

Patrons who sign up in person at the library will receive a tracking sheet
at that time.
Children who register online WILL BE REQUIRED to visit the library to get
their necklace and first brag tag charm. 

Week One begins June 9th! 

This summer, go on a dinosaur adventure as you track your reading minutes! Each week corresponds to the number of weeks (7 total) in our summer reading program. For every 30 minutes you read, color in an item! The goal is to complete your level each week--that's 3.5 hours of reading every week! 

The first week begins June 9th! Each week that you finish, stop by the library for an adventure tag to add to your necklace! Once you complete all 7 weeks, you'll be entered into our grand prize giveaways! 


Welcome Jurassic adventurers! Can you escape this prehistoric island? Each week you will travel to a new dinosaur habitat. On your journey, place an "x" in a circle each time you read an hour. You must complete each circle before you reach a new dinosaur sit. That's 4 hours of reading each week! 

There are seven sites for the seven weeks of our program. The first week begins June 9th! Bring your completed tracking sheet to the library at the end of all 7 weeks and be entered into our grand prize giveaways!

Read your way through FLCPL's incredible dinosaur fossil exhibit at our very first dinosaur museum! Each display you'll visit represents a week of our summer reading program. To visit each display, you'll need to read at least five hours each week. The first week begins June 9th! 

As you finish a week, place a check mark in the white circle on each display. When you finish all 7 weeks of our program, bring your completed tracking sheet into the library and be entered into our grand prize giveaways!

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