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Dramatic Play Kits

We are so excited to announce our newest item available for checkout—Dramatic Play Kits!

Inside each two-part kit, you’ll find a children’s fiction storybook, game/activity, and everything you need to set up a learning and fun-filled role-playing adventure in your own home!

Why is dramatic play so important for children?
Dramatic play is an incredible way to nurture social-emotional skills, foster language development, develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and more.

Whether treating patients in the vet clinic, selling baked goods in the Apple Market, or baking pizzas in the pizzeria, children will learn about money, addition and subtraction, measurement, health and anatomy, writing, sorting, and more!

We currently have the following Dramatic Play Kits in our collection: 
  • Pizza Shop
  • Pet Clinic
  • Apple Orchard / Market
  • Gingerbread Cafe

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