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Memorial / In Honor

Interested in honoring a friend or loved one through a donation to the library in his or her name?
Visit the library to complete your memorial/in honor of request!
We kindly accept either physical or monetary donations. In the event of a monetary donation, you will be asked to complete a form on which you will indicate how you wish those funds to be utilized (book purchases, donated for programs, supplies, storybook trail, or etc.). You may download the file (found below) and fill it out prior to visiting the library, or grab a copy at the circulation desk!
Through our community's generous support, we have been able to add many valuable resources to our library over the years. We thank-you for your generosity. 


Q: Can I bring a book to donate instead?
A: Yes you can, bring the book to the circulation desk and ask for a memorial sheet. Just fill out the paperwork same as if you were donating the item and we will take it from there! Please note that any physical items donated are subject to the library's collection development policy. 
Q: Is anything placed in the book that says who it was donated for?
A: Yes, upon request we will put in a label book plate on who it was for and donated by whom. You are also welcome to donate anonymously. You may indicate this information at the time of donation
Q: How long does it take to see an item I donated to be placed in circulation?
A: Items will be cataloged according to staff availability. 
Q: I have more questions.
A: Please contact us and we will see how we can help!

Download and print the form below or visit the library for a copy!

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