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Resources for Kids!

Educational, Homework Help, and more!

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Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, 

magazines, and more with 

your FLCPL library card!


Homework help, games


Homework, TEL

Follow along as famous 

actors and celebrities host



A daily calendar featuring 

activities for families to

support early literacy skills!

Impactful learning activities

in partnership with 100+

top tier universities!


A treasure trove of learning, 

games, and activities!

Learn with the Smithsonian

museums through games 

and entertaining activities!


A rich library of evidence-

based strategies and activities

to help young readers.

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Free access to a variety of 

learning tools and activities

for all ages. 

Learning Games, Fun Activities, and more!

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Hello, Earth Kids! Welcome 

to NASA Kids' Club - a place

to play games and learn 

about NASA!

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Learning games featuring 

your favorite Dr. Seuss 

characters and books!

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Educational games, videos, 

and more!

Games specializing in 

reading, phonics, math, and 


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Celebrate your favorite stories

through book-based games, 

live author events, and more.

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Logic, thinking, and math 

meet cool and fun games!

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A wide variety of drawing

and art tutorials for kids 

with kids!

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